RoadBuilding Tutorial ?

  • Good Day,

    does anybody have a more elaborate tutorial aout road building than that in the launch trailer of alpha 4.1 ?

    My basic question is how does one create the ramps ? i can flatten terrain with the road tamper (which i had to use an admin command on to get it as the skill learning didnt provided me with one, and you cant build them (yet)?).

    Do you have to use stone or masonry or how are the ramps meant to work ?
    By Ramp i mean a road to work between different levels of terrain, as the road tamper wil only flatten the terrain into a road on the original level ?


  • You can build road ramps at the Wainright table, where you also can build your road cart. You need four dirt for one.

  • The skill does not provide you with one. Similar to the agriculture skill not giving you a hoe, you have to make it using the farming table. You create the tamper from the wainwright table, which is also where you create the carts and other road building items. The wainwright table is created from the carpentry table.

  • Thanks for your responses.

    In fact the wainwright table is the answer to my problem :).

    Perhaps one should alter the tooltip on the skills in a way that it points to "necessary" skills for smaller communities.

    And if i remember correctly even on agriculture skill description as well as on roadbuilding skill description it says that you get the too. That should be altered to point at the necessary table :)


  • @Neutron

    Also a few things I've noticed in dealing with roads and ramps

    • Make roads and raps 4 wide (or, two ramps side-by-side), as carts are dangerously close to the width of a single ramp
    • DO NOT go backwards down ramps, as you may not be able to stop until hitting something.
    • Remove ramps with a hammer, note that you'll have to look at a block next to it, start swinging the hammer, and then look at the ramp in order to destroy it. This will be fixed later, but at least for now you can still removed them.
    • The road tamper makes dirt and stone roads. This may be obvious, but I had no crushed (or "mined") stone will make stone roads.
      *...avoid the edges of roads...or anything. The cart is notoriously easy to get stuck.

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