Where do i find wheat?

  • I've walked around the planet several times but i can't find any wheat. Where should i look? I've found ferns, camas bulb and huckleberry without problem.

  • It'll be in the same light green territory type that you found the camas bulbs in. It can sometimes be hard to find wheat. I'm not sure if it's just visual due to draw distance or just because it's spread out.
    I've had difficulty too, and other times, I just find a cluster of 3 of them at once. Even on a new server it's the thing I have the most trouble finding to start up agriculture and farming. Going to say that sometimes it may be easier to ask someone on the same server.

    Beyond that, there's not anything special about finding wheat.

  • Ok. Thank you. I'll keep looking then. I've seen only one other player online so far, an he was gone before i could ask him.

  • have seen that it sometimes does not generate allot of them. and then maybe someone is harvesting the few plants out there and its all gone =P .. though wheat is hard to find.

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