Notification for minor Releases

  • Is there a system in place to get a notification whenever a minor version update has been released? I got the grand announcement for Alpha 4, but not for the version 4.1. Eagerly awaiting the next update.
    Also are there potential version changes underneath these as well, which aren't documented? I saw Alpha 4.1 seems to might have gotten an update under the hood, as two downloaded zip-files from the site had a difference in size (one on release day, the other 2-3 days after).

    How is this logged for the public?

  • for now there are only newsletter (you can subscribe to them but they might go into spam folder) or the forums. or social media like Facebook or twitter

  • If not before then, I'm sure updating will be much smoother down the road when Eco is released on Steam.

  • eco is going to be on steam when its moving to beta ;)

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