How do I mine stone?

  • Hi
    I am pretty new to the game, only just started playing on Wednesday and so far I have built a nice little house, but I don't know how to mine stone, I have a pickaxe but no matter how long I hit the stone it doesn't break.

    As for Agriculture, how do I get a hoe as I didn't get one when I researched it?

    I don't understand at least 70% of this game yet :(

  • The pickaxe breaks the stone, the look changes from one-coloured grey to several tints of grey, making them look more like rubble. You can then use the shovel to move that rubble. I'm new too, so that's all i know about mining.

    I don't have a hoe yet.

  • Thanks you!

  • Unlike the survival tools, you do not get a hoe by researching agriculture. What you will need first is the workbench and you can then create a farmer's workbench. That farmer's workbench (which currently has no model) is where you can then use 1 stone and two wood to create a hoe.

    Other times, there are helpful people on a server who will have a few handy since it's easy to make.

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