Minimap slows the game on large servers

  • CPU : AMD FX8320
    RAM : 8 Gb
    GPU : GTX660
    OS : Windows 7

    When opening minimap on servers with large land all the game become slow.
    Is it only on my computer ?

  • Hey Egrof, could you add detail about the size of your world, population, your ping maybe even a screenshot of your memory usage.

  • Doing the screenshots I could see that all my computer is slowed. Ones the minimap is closed all comes back to normal. Ping for this server : 83ms.
    All goes perfectly one smaller worlds, even with bad pings.

    After some tests I could see the problem occurs with large scale (global) vision on the minimap. If you zoom to low scale (local) vision it's OK.



  • Same problem on a 4 km² server with 85ms ping.

  • how much memory does the game uses in total before and after you opend the map?

  • I have the same problem. I joined a bigger world. With minimap off, the game runs smooth. With minimap on, fps drop to annoying. I placed down the markers to own some land. When i open the minimap now, the minimap stays white, and i get kicked out of the server half a minute later.

  • @NoBlackThunder
    With no minimap Eco.exe uses 1.5 Gb RAM. With minimap it uses about 3 Gb.
    When I zoom the map the game is OK even if memory usage doesn't change. When zooming out for a global vision it becomes so slow.

  • The fully zoomed-out view does have the biggest performance hit for some world sizes. Basically there are two factors which are affected by zoom and which have direct impact on performance - the level of detail and the culling section. At the moment, our LODing algorithm is capped at just two levels, full detail and 1/5th (depending on your server's chunk size), which works okay for worlds up to 1km^2, but any bigger than that it starts to choke on our test machines. We're currently working on strategies to get this to scale better so you guys can have huge worlds in the future!

  • One tip is to mark the "show filters" and unmark some of the options. Unmarking "show buildings" greatly helps my performance when the map is kept open. Unmarking "show plants" can help as well but I've noticed (untested) that "show buildings" has the biggest effect on my performance. Of course unmarking the other options also helps, but it largely depends on what you want to see.

  • I didn't try the filters before. It does help. But even with absolutely everything ticked off, the game is still a lot slower.

    Zooming in helps more, but even when zoomed in a lot, the game is still slower. And i need to be very quick to zoom in or the game crashes.

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