My Sawmill doesn't work..

  • I built a sawmill on my server and just looks like a chest, a lot like the farming table. Unlike the farming table, it does nothing. I can't bring up a sawmill window, I can't put items in it, I can't even destroy it.

  • Hi there lakobus sawmill is an odd piece it's technically a module which means it just gets placed in the same room as the bench it modifies in this case that is the carpenters workbench.
    Once it is placed down new designs open up on the carpenters table that were invisible beforehand.

    The chest is just a placeholder model it means they have not finished with the final design yet.

  • Right on, thanks for the info!

  • Modules are missing for now models. its a known issue

  • NOTE: For anybody using modules: Be aware that you currently cannot move Modules with a hammer until the next patch (likely)

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