how do i get food?

  • The game tells me i'm hungry and can't work any more. Where do i find food?

    I've levelled up labourer, hunting, gathering and mining. I marked an small area as being owned by me. I moved some dirt to level the area. I used an axed on some rocks, they changed shape but i don't know how to move them. And now the game tells me i need to get some food first. I haven't seen anything i can eat. If i stray to far from the terrain i own, how do i find my way back?

  • update: So i finally found some berry's and some bulbs. In someone's yard, someone forgot to protect it. (So if they blueberrys from your garden are gone, sorry, it's the only food i found). I got some seed too. When i try to plant them i get a message saying i need tilled ground. How do i tille ground?

  • Hi the Joseph

    Food from nature is everywhere! IF you are on light green grass you use sickle on wheat! If you are on dark green grass food is more plentiful hit E on FERN and Huckleberries that grow in forest areas.

    In order to till the ground you have to make a HOE which means you need agriculture skill tree and then you need to put points in it til you can craft a FARMERS WORKBENCH (currently looks like a chest when placed in the world) Once you make that bench it allows you to craft your hoe which is what tills the ground.

    PS farming at lvl 1 takes FOREVER if you are growing your own food you want to put points into speed increase asap!

  • Thank you for the response Mysteria.

    I've seen a few plants of wheat, i think, at least it looked like wheat. I tried using E on it and i tried using the sickle on it but nothing happened. I've found some fern but only got some spores from it. Most plants seem to be on terrain owned by someone.

    How do i get the agriculture skill tree?

    I tried killing wolf and deer too, but i don't know how to. I have a bow, do i need arrows?

  • Wheat you NEED Sickle Fern you get FERN and fern spores.. make sure you have a point in gathering and yes you cant gather if its on someones claimed land...

    agriculture you have to research the book
    and wolf you need bow and arrows which you make at a workbench

  • The only wheat i found is either on someone's land or it doesn't respond to my sickle, i guess it's broken. Do you really need wheat, or doesn't it matter what you eat?

    I've put down a workbench to make a hoe. Apparently it needs to be in a room. Can i pick the workbench back up to put it somewhere else? There are no trees that aren't owned near where i claimed my land. I've found a few trees on a hard to get to hill. By the time i got back for the second load, i either couldn't find the tree i had logged or it was gone. I guess i can't plant trees on my own land until i get a hoe, for which i need a workbench, for which i need a wooden room. Should i start over on a world with fewer players?

  • I finally managed to get enough logs for a tiny room. My research desk is now active. How do i use it? I opened a window using the E key, but clicking on the icons doesn't seem to do anything.

  • To pick up any table you will need a hammer, I believe it's in civics building construction. Once you have a valid table inside a house/hut you should be able to press E on it and see the recipes, provide the table with the ingredients or have them in your inventory/backpack to make an order. It will take some time to craft the item, once done you can find it in the storage of the table.

  • In the research table (or any work table) you want to make sure that there isn't a red warning at the top saying that the room is invalid. You can then set the number to produce of an item (research, you only need one item) and the icons to the left are the required amounts / items. These will show the required number followed by the amount you have on yourself/backpack or stored within the storage area of the table.

    Also for food, there's a lot about food and I mean to try to get some info in the wiki. Ideally... you're looking for an equal balance of all the nutrients. Each food will give some combination of those nutrients. Meat will give you protein and fat, plants will give you carbs and vitamins, sometimes fat (I think camas do).

    You would need the sickle for wheat, but it is possible that it's on someone's land if it didn't do anything. You can also ask around for seeds or similar as well. Sometimes people will go further and have cooked food available to help with the skill point generation.

    Regarding the rocks, after smacking them with a pickaxe, you can then use the shovel to pick them up and drop them off somewhere else (such as in your research or work tables).

  • Ah ok, so i can't create anything on my research desk because i don't have all the ingredients yet.

    If i understand it correctly:
    I need a hoe to plant seeds.
    I need a farmers workbench (+ ingredients) to create a hoe.
    I need a agriculture skill book to create a farmers workbench.
    I need an active research desk + dirt/wheat seed/camas bulb/huckelberry seed to create an agriculture skill book.

    I didn't know farming is that difficult.

  • Welcome to ECO :)

  • Eco is very much a group game and, depending on the server, people can be very helpful. They may often give away the skill to people so they don't have to research it on their own, and also can give away a hoe in return for minimal payment.

    Unlike most games, there seems to be an aspect of.. lets call it real life. One person farms, another person works with steel. It's very hard (or very time consuming) to be able to get all the skills in the game so it benefits the population to have people skilled in certain areas. So it's to our benefit that you be able to get the basic farming in early on, so you can use your resources skilling up something else. Perhaps at some point it'd even be better to just feed the player and have them focus on other work (like Nuclear Physics).

    As an example, currrently, in the dev server, Nappelinis has the current skill scrolls out for any new people to just go and use to learn and I only have the tier 1 skill scrolls as well as free food.

  • It takes a lot of time and effort for everybody to learn and unlock everything. Resources are being used, time is spend and the meteor is coming. If everybody works on everything themselves there is a high likelihood that your world will be destroyed by the meteor. On the dev server we are trying to get everybody jump started and get specialized in certain areas of the tech trees to facilitate a fast growing economy between players and progress towards saving the world. This requires trust, the want to help, the drive to succeed. of course everybody needs to do a bit on their own.

    Working together has been fun so far, people have the same goal in mind. It takes a bit of coordination.
    We are currently working on Advanced Research (125 Skill Points for the Research (Nappelinis), 10 Stew(Jhadred), 50 Brick(Sepain), 50 Lumber(Thorneater + others), 50 Iron(Hobz))
    If one person would have to get all those and the required skills you will likely get hit by the meteor before you get done. :P

  • Ok, this game really needs a suicide command or something because if you don't pay DANG close attention to your food, and NO ONE ELSE is on the server, you can run out of food before you have a chance to gather any. If that happens, you will be unable to gather food because you're too hungry to gather food. Yes, seriously. I see food right in front of me in on the ground, but I'm too hungry to pick it up and put it in my facehole.

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