Trading is clunky, so players don't do it

  • The way trading and stores are set up right now, it's just easier for players to be jacks-of-all-trade and build/research everything themselves, instead of trading with each other. Part of the problem is that skillbooks are way too cheap to make, but the bigger issue is that trading doesn't work nicely.

    It was a cool idea to make it so there's no official currency, but it doesn't work. Bartering is an annoying game of trying to guess what other people might have at their disposal to trade for your goods. So, you have to set up multiple different copies of each trade deal with different prices in the hopes that someone happens to have the right stuff and also wants your item. It's even worse when you're trying to set up buy orders. There's a good reason proper currencies were set up IRL.

    As a buyer, you have to travel all over the world to each store to try to find what you're looking for. In that time you could have just researched, trained, harvested, and built it yourself.

    The end result is that because it's such a nuisance, nobody uses the stores. Instead, a small group of friends gets together and just shares all their recipes, gets way ahead, and leaves everyone else so far in the dust that they can't contribute anything to the world.

  • HEY stop talking about us like that! I mean we started on day 1 on that server and I have many high tier food available to sell for single gold pieces!

    But think about it.. We are still in the stone age if you think about progression of technology there was no money system early on in the world. It developed in individual countries as their technology became more and more advanced and then they needed a standardized system in order to equalize trade with other nations. Once a treasury is created it says it can "mint coins" now I don't know if this is true but we will soon see!

    Eco is one of those games where it doesn't look fair too soon on but once you get midway in tech and the sp's are 50-150 to learn a single skill bartering and trading will become alot more efficient!

  • I agree that trading is kind of useless in the early game. It does look like actually currency arrives later in the game, but one could still use a currency for valuation before that. For example I set up a store and I assign values to all the items that I am interested in buying and selling, and then designate what I'll actually buy and sell. So someone could come to my store to buy wood and pay in meat, stone, or sand without having to set up all those trades. Then when physical currency is invented, people can just pay in hard currency instead of materials.

    I've seen this sort of mentioned before, but when setting up your store it would be super helpful have a list of what other stores offer, their valuations, and their physical location in relation to you. Also, it would be helpful to set prices relative to the global average. If you are selling raw materials in the middle of town, you might sell for average+10%. If you are selling the boonies, they might go for average-10%. One could get on with work instead always watching market prices.

  • Mysteria - I wasn't referring to anyone specifically, nor did I mean that it's malicious, just that it's the way the game currently works. Nonetheless, it creates a very unpleasant gameplay experience for anyone who isn't part of the clique.

    Goertz - Those are some great ideas! I was stumped trying to think of alternatives to physical currency and I think you hit the nail on the head. That way, the store can automatically do all the tedious legwork. Calculating average prices could be tricky with the small sample sizes you'd see on most servers, though. Even without that capability, setting your own personal relative values and seeing the contents of all stores in one list would both be phenomenal.

  • Further to my last, a player-to-player credit mechanism would be useful. Consider this scenario: I am about to join the dev server which is a few days in already. The first thing I'm going to do is ask someone to give me scrolls and a cart so I can make a meaningful contribution (and I'll promise to return favors when I am able). Without doing that, I will be wasting the world's resources replicating skills and buildings that have already been done. A formal player-to-player credit mechanism would facilitate this and make trading easier.

    And such a mechanism could be extended to form a whole financial industry. Interest, corporations, bankers, businessmen...

  • Speaking of skills specifically, those really need an open trading system all their own. Trading scrolls is by far the worst aspect of the current stores. Currently, if someone who researched something doesn't bother to make scrolls and put them up for sale, you have little choice but to research it yourself.

    Perhaps one option would be that the research table itself could act like a specialty store just for skills. Prior to beginning a research project, the researcher must set a value and list of items they'd accept as payment (like you suggested for stores). Then, any player can walk up to the research table and buy the skill. And it would also show you where else in the world you can buy every skill (if anywhere).

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