Government Issued Licenses

  • Perhaps the government could issue licenses instead of making accross-the-board restriction laws. (Note this is not a replacement idea, but an add-on idea.) Instead of making laws restricting everyone, for example, on the number of elk allowed to be killed, hunting licenses could be issued to hunters to allow them to hunt X amount of elk while everyone else would not be allowed to hunt elk. This would be better than the system in place currently because the number of elk allowed to be killed doesn't affect a miner or a house builder, it only affects the hunter. This would also encourage specialization because it would discourage/stop people from performing tasks outside of their specialization. This system would also be better for the server as a whole because, due to increased specialization, work is done more efficiently.

  • I like this idea, I think we will do something like this. Definitely makes sense considering specializations.