Vehicles and Transport in Eco

  • In Eco you only carry a realistic weight, so transporting materials with vehicles and building roads to run them on are essential. Check out how they work in our latest release in this video:

    Small Youtube Capture with button.png

    At the start of a server, players will create their buildings right next to raw materials, but eventually as technology improves, new projects will require a variety of processed materials from a variety of sources. To handle moving these across the world, players will need to band together and put forth the time and resources to create transport networks.

    Transportation is a huge driver of modifications to the environment, as well as a huge consumer of resources and, in late-game, source of pollution. How players decide to lay out their roads will have a huge impact on the both the ecosystem and economy of Eco.
    Small image00.png

    This and many more features available now in our Alpha 4 release! Come join the games in progress or hop on a new server and start from a pristine world.

    And as always send us any questions. Thanks for your support,

    -John K

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