Minimap Player Titles

  • I suggest a reworking of how the points are tallied to determine your "Eco Job" At the moment it calculates how many levels of skills you have in a tree. So with that formula almost everyone is going to be a laborer. There are more low SP cost skills in the survival tree. It is worth the SP to jack of all trade into that skill.

    To work around this my suggestion is that we use the amount of skill points spent in a tree to determine your job title on the minimap. I will use my current numbers as an example. Right now I am considered a politician with 12 levels in the skill tree with the current system, but with my proposed plan I should actually be a mason. At the moment I only have 9 levels in the masonry skill tree. But I have more SP in masonry. Masonry SP = 63, Civic SP = 52.

    So I hope this is taken into consideration so that we have a better quick glance understanding of how a person is specialised, with SP spent being the determining factor of your title.

  • That's an excellent idea! The titles are something we're definitely tweaking (and adding more - a lot of specializations don't have specialized titles) and weighting it by SP rather than ranks is a much better way of determining how "specialized" a player is.

  • Oh god lol I am glad I made this post them. I was hesitant in case it was already in the works but your reply gives me hope :) Thanks

  • Bumping cause I thought this would be in already

  • There are allot of cool ideas. But it takes time to implement them. Right now we fist fixing the core gameplay and then we have to decide later on adding cool ideas and what we have time for. Your idea is still valued but the core game must be fixed sadly first before we can move on to all the cool ideas

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