• I have to plug this game called Gnomoria here just because it is so great that it deserves the love. It's like Eco but as a mayoral game point. You control the gnomes and have them specialise their skills (or not). So that reminded me a bit of Eco. But yeah go check it out, should still be on Steam.

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  • Gnomoria, if I recall is actually based on a game that has been in the making for quite some time called "Dwarf Fortress".
    DF in itself is actually far removed in likeness from ECO. It's a fortress/economy/city/life simulator sort of thing...SUPER complicated, and takes quite a bit of getting used to. It's all done in ASCII characters, no real 3D graphics, but you can get mods that will change it, and mods that let you view an isometric 3D version of the world. The game is handled entirely in single-layers top down, while you look at one "Z-layer" slice of the world at a time (like an MRI scan).
    You might check out Rimworld if those sort of games interest you. It's a space based game that borrows a bit from the Dwarf Fortress concept.

  • Dwarf Fortress is one of my all time favorite games!

    I've never really tried any of the off-shoots, but its a great concept that gets held back by poor UI and steep learning curve.

  • there's some good tools out there that really help fix the poor UI problem, but not so much for the learning curve. I spent my first 5 hours I think just watching tutorial videos on Dwarf Fortress...jumped in and was still confuse x.x

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