Carts crossing 0 cord

  • We're on dennis' server and whenever a cart tries to cross from X,700 to X,0 the screen goes white and then you have to hit E to get off the cart but the cart flips all over the place... So this completely breaks trade routes and roads! you also cannot "see" past a "0" cord any players on the other side of it!

    cart crash.jpg

  • Yep this is a problem that i keep getting. i cant get anything where i need unless i do one item at a time

  • Yea, this is a pretty goofy issue we're looking into fixing.

    As a temporary fix you can nudge the cart across the line and it should be fine. Or maybe use a ramp to make sure you get across with the momentum.

  • Adding to the 0 cord issue, even when not driving a cart, when you walk over the 0 cord carts nearby are flung into the air

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