Reverting Mined Stone

  • My idea is to have a way to revert stone that was either mined accidentally or placed into location to be turned back into its natural state of smooth stone. The cave aesthetics would greatly be improved with this feature. Some people are really bothered by that out of place mined stone in a smooth cave. For now it is bearable but with release I hope this is added.

  • When you dig up dirt and put it back, grass doesn't grow back on it (or did i not wait long enough?). When you put dirt on grass and then remove the dirt, the grass is still there!

  • Well ... i i real world you cant revert stone back after you broke it up unless you make it into lava again and then put that lave in the hole .. then it would be almost as before =P ( just my personal thought ... think it sounds realistic to me now like it is). The other stuff with grass is not done yet if i am not wrong .

  • NoBlackThunder is correct. Grass does not currently grow and will certainly be added at a later date. Reverting stone isn't something we're looking to add in the near future (or possibly at all, though I wont rule it out entirely). We want the player's actions to have a lasting effect on the environment and if you mine down a mountain, you shouldn't be able to recreate its natural beauty later.

  • Craig wants to see the world burn....

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