Stuck on Basic level 1 Research

  • HELP, I can't seem to up my research so I can learn other things. I am completely maxed out on ALL my current researches I have. I have learned cooking, agriculture, carpentry and all the standard crafting. I am grinding like crazy and unable to progress any further. I seem to be stuck at a stand still.

    Any suggestions?

  • Have you been keeping your skill gain up? You should be gaining skill points and therefore levels by playing and even offline (if the server is running). Once you have obtained enough skill levels you should be able to upgrade your Basic Reseach again (I believe 5 Skill Levels required) to upgrade Basic Research to Tier 2. That in case should allow you to progress. Hope this helps.

  • Yes that makes sense now. Thanks for helping a newbie out.

  • Np at all, glad things are working out.

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