carry limits

  • for example i'll use logging
    my logging yield is at lvl 3 so if i collect 5 logs it becomes 8, meaning i can carry 8 logs at once (least one would assume) yet if i get logs from an object like a cart or chest i can only carry 5 max would be neat if there was a skill that affected how much weight you can carry at once or if each yield skill increased your carry limit for that item

  • Yea, the yield skills make it a bit wacky right now.

    We're working on unifying it so its consistent and makes sense.

  • Is there a way to give a tool an inventory limit? Like say a shovel could carry 5 an "axe" could do the same... where u could click those objects to gather until you reached that capacity... And then have different tiers of tool copper iron gold since those metals are in the game where it ups the carry capacity +5 each time?

  • Axes will allow you to pick up 5 logs in the next patch and we're looking at making the hammer do the same.

    We haven't discussed exactly how the better tools will work so I can't say much on that front. Capacity doesn't seem too likely (at least not for say... shovels) because we're trying to keep the feeling of block volume in the game and carrying 20 cubic meters of dirt in a shovel doesn't make much sense. Obviously it already is a little bit unbelievable, but we try to keep it as uniformly reasonable as possible.

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