Pitch... ok I feel dumb?

  • Ok I feel dumb how do you make pitch before you make paper????? I see it in the campfire but stumped on how to even start with my Kiln!

  • There are currently 3 different recipes for pitch:

    At the campfire you can make charred pitch from wood pulp, a byproduct of making lumber.

    At the quarry you can make masonry pitch from sand which can be shoveled from one of the many beaches.

    At the bakery oven you can make wheat pitch from wheat, which can be farmed or gathered in the wild.

  • AAAH ok see I was trying to go for oven and you need pitch in order to even make the bricks to make the oven!!!! I didn't even see that pulp was a process of lumber.. And sand is just too far away to haul it 1 by 1! Thanks for the help!

  • @craig.jong said:

    At the campfire you can make charred pitch from wood pulp, a byproduct of making lumber.

    Hey Craig, to make lumber you need a sawmill right? Are they working properly? Mine showed up as a regular treasure chest, couldn't be interacted with, and couldn't be removed.

    Didn't want to make a whole new thread, and it seems a tangential discussion to this one, because I need lumber to make pitch...My server started with very little beach area :(

  • urb! He answered this for me on another thread. The saw mill isn't a separate workbench but its a module that affects the carpenters table if its placed in the same room with it. But yeah its a chest because chest is their "placeholder" and once you place it down you CAN NOT move it for some reason.... This confused me as well as the tooltip is very vague

  • Thanks Mysteria. I have a rough time tracking things down in the search bar here. Seems I search for a term (Like "Pitch" for example) and it brings up 60 different forum posts...none even have the word in their title or contents XD

    This is helpful. I may need to post up a bug-report that the module can't be broken down though. Unless that's just a me issue. This requires some experimenting.

  • yeh i haven't been tagging my posts sorry but already made that report

  • Breaking down modules is already fixed for the next bug fix release which is likely going to be sometime next week!

    Sorry for the problems its caused but hopefully you can deal with the inconvenience until then.

  • Thanks for the update craig. Knowing the bug about it being stuck is fine, because one can plan ahead. The issue is I placed it in the middle of the wrong building because I didn't know it was a "Module" and thus made it useless.
    Glad to know it's being fixed. The Devs, admins, and mods are doing a good job around here!

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