world chunks suddenly appearing

  • Had a weird thing happen that is a first for me. I made a server last night, played for a few hours and logged off (it's a local server so it wasn't running while I was off). When I logged back in, after changing nothing except some blacklist/whitelist entries, a HUGE swathe of land appeared above the ocean. It wasn't there before, and it didn't show on the minimap.
    Even weirder is when I restored a back-up where i KNOW it didn't have it, BOOM it was there anyway.
    Has anyone had this happen?

  • Did you ever happen to hit the 'regenerate world' command from the server frontend? There is a problem with that command, where it can generate these wierd pandora-esque areas in the world. I am looking into fixing that...

  • I don't recall doing so. I was trying to be very careful not to because I didn't want to mess anything up.

  • did this happen after you upgraded to 4.1 from alpha 4?

  • It MAY have, but I think I started playing after Alpha 4.1, not during 4. I cannot remember. I started playing on 30th of last month.

    Here's a pic of what's happening, by the way:

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