Chest design gone missing! Replaced with 2 candles!

  • could this to do with he has researched more?

  • sometimes it can be fixed by using the hammer to pick the table back up and replacing it, how ever this is not the case with the double candle issue

  • Logged on during lunch break and WOOT chest is back... but now some rather odd things have happened.....
    Could this have all happened because the world wasnt created with this alpha version?

    confused chest.jpg

  • It seems to have eaten the sign instead.

    I really wish I could find a reliable way to reproduce this bug - I'm starting to have a feeling its a bug with the UI rather than the recipes on the workbench.

    If anyone here has access to the storage files of a server with this bug, can they please send me a zipped copy of them? That would be awesome.

  • Well mine would be on your server since I play on the DEV server!

  • Nice! Looks like I'll grab those. Should help a lot. Hopefully it doesn't magically fix itself on a restart...

  • You'll all be happy to know the problem has been tracked down and fixed!

    Expect no more odd workbench recipe doubling next patch.

  • Woot thank you because it has affected chests AND sawmills right now so neither can be made.... ETA for patch? If not we are technologically frozen.

  • double shelves no sawmill.jpg

  • Server rebooted ... not fixed but better????

    not fixed but better.....jpg

  • Our next patch isn't scheduled until next week, unfortunately... ):

    But I can suggest a pretty lame temporary fix now that I know the cause: restarting the server will change the recipes that are overwritten. In addition, you can actually stop the bug from happening entirely if you only have a single one of each table present in any given world - not that that's feasible - but its possible that reducing the number of redundant tables of the same type will help this bug happen less.

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