[Client Bug] - How to hammer/axe without hammer/axe?

  • OS/Web Browser?

    Detailed Description of Issue:
    When mining placed Hammer and Axe in chest. Only Pick and Shovel in inventory. Finished Kiln, placed Kiln in room. Kiln = 3rd item in the room, making the room invalid. Unable to open chest within invalid room to retrieve hammer/axe to fix either room(axe) or remove 3rd item from room (hammer). Items can be retrieved from chest with left mouse click. Retrieved Stone/Tallow Candles, unable to left click retrieve axe or hammer from said chest.

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce?
    Super easy if you follow those above steps.

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue:
    Follow steps above.

    Additional Comments:
    Only solution to fix the issue, use pick and shovel to make valid room somehow (if possible).
    With my current shovel contents not clearing from shovel bug and having to relog to clear shovel head content after each shovel action.
    Not happening.

    Client Version? [Alpha .01 for example]
    Alpha 4.1

  • Thank you for reporting this; this scenario hadn't occurred to me to be quite honest!

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