Frame rate problem found

  • I noticed if I open the mini map, my frame rate will drop into the 20's and some times 10's. If I close it, I have no problem keeping at 60 fps. Seems to be limited at 60, but it never touches 59. Something with the rendering on the mini map eats up frame rate. For now I'll only open it when needed.

  • what is your hardware?

  • I have an i5 2300 @ 3.1ghz, 16gb of memory, and a gtx 970 graphics card.

  • mhh that is indeed a high end version of a pc ... strange .. never noticed anything here .. is this happening all the time ? what .net version and driver version do you have? could you provide me with some images when its open and when its closed from the task manager? so i can see the cpu usage

  • The .net version is 4.6.0155. The image shows the CPU usage while running the game and quitting the game to the desktop. I've attached an image of task manager while idle on the desktop, and one while in game.desktop.png eco.png

  • Mhhhh try to update to version 4.6.1

  • I went to update and got this: .NET Framework 4.6.1 or a later update is already installed on this computer. So it must be installed already.

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