Some very N00b questions

  • so, I've just started playing this latest build of the game and I have sever questions to help me get started that maybe some others are also wondering.

    1: How do i get logs?
    my logging skill is already leveled, but I can't figure out how to get logs from trees.

    2: How do I farm?
    the first level in the skill only gives you a sickle, so how do you plant things.

    3: What constitutes a "room"?
    I've built a structure, but my table have yet to work. It's mostly dirt but one wall is wood not sure if that has anything to do with is but i have no idea.

    4: Is there a different inventory from the backpack?
    I read something else that seemed to imply there might be, but just wanted some clarification.

    5: What are the controls?
    I think I've got it down, but is there anything besides the WASDE Mouse?

    I know these may be dumb questions, but maybe you can help me, and maybe I'm not alone in these.

  • I'd also just like to take a moment to appreciate that this was the sixty-nineth topic.

  • Sorry black thunder that link is kinda old.....

    1: How do i get logs?
    First CHOP THE LEAVES off the tree to get seeds... Then go up to the tree make sure you have axe equipped and tree is highlighted (green).
    Too far.jpg
    Just right.jpg

    Swing your axe at tree a few times to fell it (usually 5-10 depending on skill)
    TIMBERRRR (notice it turns yellow)

    Once tree is on the ground you have to skin all branches and TOP of tree off they will each highlight when you hover over them in a red color.


    Once you have the giant log trunk of the tree on the ground then you have to use your axe and chop the tree into smaller bits.
    DON'T make them too small you can pick up a relatively large piece of wood, you know when its able to be picked up when that piece is green. Then pick E to pick up!

    too big.jpg
    JUST Right
    right size.jpg

    2: How do I farm?
    You need to craft a FARMERS TABLE from a workbench. In game model is a chest just cause it's a placeholder

    3: What constitutes a "room"?
    A "room" I have noticed is a structure that has more than 9 blocks of "air" inside of it with a maximum of 2 openings. AKA "door" So you can build a 5x5 square of walls... but most workstations require 10 spaces of "volume so you have to make it 5x6 someway.

    4: Is there a different inventory from the backpack?
    Carrying inventory, 1-0 inventory backpack and then chests in game

    5: What are the controls?
    WASDE is your main and then theres the beloved /unstuck command (this part is still semi up to date on the wiki)

    You are good and thanks for asking!!!!! Hopefully my tutorial has helped I am thinking of doing a youtube series also JOIN US ON THE DEV SERVER I will be hosting a discord server for "New Gaia" once the meteor hits us today!

  • @Mysteria i am actully working with Will to update the whole wiki at the moment

  • I do plant to also help with the wiki in a few days or so work has just been overbearing lately!

  • That's an awesome picture guide!

    I don't have much to add for the original questions but for number three I can give you some fun advice:

    You can construct your first building's walls out of dirt and make the roof out of wood. Assuming you have the right amount of wood (which is 10 for most things) the entire structure doesn't need to be wooden. Gotta save the forests; build dirt huts!

  • Aww Thanks Craig I have been waiting for this game to come as far as it has and will try to make as many guides and tutorials as possible with more information I find out through playing the game!

  • Wow, I'm glad this community is so helpful, if I'd done a post like this in almost any other game I'f get nothing but "Git Gud Scrub".

    I will say that while the tree thing wasn't intuitive at first (I killed several trees for no logs) Now it's like second nature.
    The other major issue that could use a bit of explaining to first timers is that you can't do anything without skills.
    To answer/explain my second question, "farming" is not the same skill as "gathering".
    And for question 3, I did not actually have a roof, which caused the whole issue.
    I now have a wonderful little dirt cottage with a ramp straight to the beach.

    Thanks for all the help, and maybe this will help others to learn the game.

  • the wiki needs allot of work =P always welcome to help out there.. did the quick guide that fast explaince UI , skills and how to get now tools. and how food works in a way + all key binds .i also fixed the first sett of skill info ( though items are not done yet!) I really wanna cross link everything and make it easy to find .. Like on the axe item description should link to the logging skill and explain how to chop down a tree.. while the tree should also link to the axe and so on. i am pretty busy right now with real life stuff .. some minor wiki work and forum work. and will be gone tomorrow until next week ... so i guess i will have allot to check when i get back.

  • once the dev server resets i plan on doing some lets plays and how tos, i'll leave a link to them once i get some done and if you like you can link them in the wiki

  • Kavu thats in 7 hrs !!! see yall tonight! I have discord server up and running as well
    This link should work for 24 hrs I still have to fine tune the channel!

  • Mysteria, good post. I greatly appreciate this, as I had NO idea you could get seeds from tree leaves...I've been deforesting just by cutting the trees down and letting the ground shred off the branches.

    ...oops. I guess I have some seeding to do :\

  • How do you get seeds from the trees? I removed leaves and branches from trees. No seeds appeared in my inventory.

  • it's a random drop when your logging level is high enough.

  • Thank you, n00banator912, for the response. What level do you need to have? Is it the logging level itself or the logging yield level?

  • hmmm funny because the cedar seed thing is also listed under agriculture

  • The drop chance, in 4.1, is unaffected by skills and is a flat 10% per leaf bunch that is destroyed. Unfortunately it is left up to random chance so you may go a bit without receiving any.

  • Just wanted to comment on the volume req for rooms.
    5x3x2 internal volume is 30c.
    4x3x2 internal volume is 24c.
    3x3x2 internal volume is 18c.
    2x3x2 internal volume is 12c.
    2x2x2 internal volume is 8c.

    The smallest room you can build is a 2x3x2 internal volume.
    This is made with walls that are 4x5x3, allowing for a small 'porch garden' on a single plot.
    Early 'builder's hut' can be made with dirt/rubble and a few logs.

    A room of 5x3x2 can be split into two 2x3x2 rooms. This is 7x5x3 walls and will allow a small yard or driveway. (3x5)

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