About a few things

  • There is some things which is pretty annoying.

    1. The fact that if you lose your shovel you are in a pretty bad situation. Losing a shovel early shuts down all progress, because you can only get it back at the anvil (I suppose).
    2. Refueling a fireplace, kiln or another thing is like the stupidest thing ever. Why is only the owner of the land allowed to do it? There is no reason for other players in the deed not to be able to refuel. This is a game stopper, because it eliminates all teamwork, because you can't live together in the same house.
    3. You guys may have heard this, but a lot of things looks like chest and can't be removed after they have been placed. That is 1 sure way to kill a lot of space.
    4. I don't know if it is true, but why is a house of logs better then a brick or stone house. Why does the house need to have a few wood blocks in it to work? It should say .... at least 10 block of type "log" or better. This goes back to why a Kiln, oven and so on needs to be built in a wood house, not one out of stone (the tramped version).
    5. Why does berry picking kills the bush?
    6. Outsider can put items into workbenches and remove all mobility. I don't know how you would manage to get around making portable chests, but well...
    7. We made a crash corner in our mine. Walking into can make your game crash and/or log out of the server. We created it somehow (We don't know) and it is in mine. (NoBlackThunder has been there, same room as the Kiln, but in the left untouched corner(The one with plain stone and a little mined stone and no hole in the ground)

    I know the game is still in beta, but a few things still needs to be reconsidered to make it more playable.

  • i don't know about you, but when i have a tool i put it in my task bar and never move it. i dont really see the need when i keep all of my food in the inventory. most of the things that i do ie. carry logs, dirt or stone, wont fit in there anyway and i am forced to carry it. but as far as the refueling thing goes, just add the player to the deed and make a community area for use. this requires you to keep a house or trunk open for personal use but thats about the only way i see that work around. and i do agree with the wood blocks. it seems pretty counter productive to have a wood structure once your able to have a steady flow of stone being minded.

  • If it is unclaimed another person is just going to claim it and it doesn't work and adding a player to the deed. Only the OWNER of the deed can refuel it.
    Edit: about the shovel, idk how the first person lost his shovel, but if you are renting a shovel out and it somehow gets lost you need a new one. Plz test things before saying we need to do something. We have tested everything and we can't seem to find a way which works.

    1. dont know how people manage it =( .
    2. general property protection .. can always add people to your property to allow them access ;)
    3. pretty sure you can move chest i have done it recently on the server O.o ?`
    4. general feedback is nice ,, though need to ask the dev for the reason, but remember most old asset are more place holder from the prototype alpha.
    5. same as above
    6. known bug
    7. yea ... i was reseaching that because i have that issue half of the worl. its like a mine field. though you are the first to report it .. need LOTS MORE DATA !!! .. could you find the cordinates and might send a save to eric on of the devs

    1. It would be lovely to create shovels (or other equipment) early like in the workbench. If you should be able to create a new shovel at some point in the game, it needs to be in the early game.

    2. Doesn't work. (might be some bug in the refueling progress)

    3. Yeah chests, but not tables, shelfs or other things like that. They appear as chests, but can't be moved with a hammer.

    4. Eu server = 380, 28, 26. (Within around 2 to 3 blocks, pretty hard to get coordinates because of the bug.)

    1. Losing tools is a really huge setback. For now I'd recommend not lending tools out - different 'tiers' of tools are a distinct possibility in the future.

    2. This is unintended for sure. I've filed it as a bug report and will look into it sometime this week.

    3. Most of those objects are likely modules which have a bug where they cannot be removed. Another thing I plan on looking into.

    4. I believe the tooltip is outdated. A brick house SHOULD be able to house any log requirement workbench. A lot of the crafting tables have yet to be assigned the correct material type.

    5. When you pick a huckleberry bush's huckleberries you're stealing its very life so it withers and dies. But seriously, this is a valid point. Currently its like that because code-wise that's how the generic plants behave.

    6. This is an issue that has been discussed to death internally. We're still working on a good solution that is in line with the direction of the game.

    7. Not much I can say about this one. There's an issue open and we'll look into it.

    The game is still in alpha and we're trying to hammer out as many bugs and issues as possible so every little thing helps. Thank you for the feedback - we really do appreciate it.

  • Nice reply @craig-jong. Very thorough, that's always appreciated reading responses like that.

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