Player camera offset after cart usage

  • Not sure if client or server side.
    OS; Windows 10

    Description of Issue: When entering and exiting cart the player camera seems to offset forward or backward. That is to say that when not operating a cart, after using it, one can turn left or right and the center of rotation appears to be in front of or behind you (where as it is normally centered in the player). This is hard to describe in text or still picture, if it is not clear I can try to provide more info.

    This should be reproducible, but I've seen no one mention the issue. To my knowledge all that need be done to reproduce it is use the wooden cart. Operate it, move it a bit, and exit. Repeat, and the issue sometimes compounds to make the amount the character is offset even greater.

    Additional Comments: The issue is resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting. The problem can also be noticed as hitting walls too soon (or late, depending on offset direction) while walking toward them.

    Client Version; Alpha 4.1

    EDIT 7-8-16 - Added video demonstration courtesy of Josh Whitwell on youtube

  • Also, sometimes it is offset downward, i.e. you are looking through your kneecaps and feel very short. Further, this is a somewhat different issue, but sometimes exiting the cart launches you way up into the air.

  • Thank you NoBlack for adding this bug to the list so swiftly.

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