Handle hand-carts like minecarts

  • The frustration with hand-carts is palpable. They always get stuck, rolled, they fly, or end up being home-run fodder for animals.
    I feel like it would be much more friendly if these were (or had the option to be) locked to roads. When locked they could be a solid object like a wall or a tree, and not moved (unless "driven").
    The player would only need to us "W" or "S" to drive it forward or backward, and it would follow the road, on "rails" so to speak.
    And if you have intersections one could just use the "A" and "D" keys to choose which direction.
    Not sure how difficult it would be, maybe it's not worth it...but I have to say as it stands carts are not worth the frustration, which makes moving resources a nightmare.

  • I second that.

    It would make carts much more usable without letting them go through rocky terrains and it would go in the direction of defined routes.

  • Yes, this would be great.

  • Minecarts that work only along tracks will be another vehicle we will be adding at some point, along with ongoing fixes to the other vehicles in general to make them more stable/less glitchy.

  • I'm sure there's a lot to be changed. I don't intend to sound overly critical. I was just proposing ways to handle carts either until more is done to the physics and collision, or until everything else is in place to get them to where they are fully functional.

  • My wood cart keeps doing flips and stuff...

  • I don't think carts should be locked to a track. Here's how I see it:

    • Carts are definitely glitchy and bouncy. That should be fixed.
    • A 3rd person view for vehicles would be a huge help in moving them around.
    • At least on the dev server, people were making death defying bridges and roads all over the place. Carts are big. At least build the road corners more than 2 blocks wide. Double and triple wide ramps on corners are okay, don't be shy with them.

    And +1 for actual minecarts and tracks too. ;)

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