Ecosystem View Task

  • Each Eco Server (player hosted or Strange Loop hosted) will host a server which can be connected to and display information. This will serve as both a development tool (getting a detailed view of the ecosystem) and later as a game feature (a god-view, which may be unlocked with equipment in game). It will also spur the development of a strong API which other third party tools can make use of.

    Current progress:

    • The server will present the locations of all organisms and players through a REST interface.
    • A webpage will make this query, displaying the entities on a panning and zoomable map.
    • Filters and auto-refresh let players update
    • Players can click entities to get more debug data on them.

    Current state of the tool:

    Left to do:

    • Better rendering of JSON data when clicking on an entity
    • Better auto-refresh support, so entities move instead of rebuilding the map (cant pan while auto refreshing).
    • Better performance with huge numbers of entities.

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