Farming Bugs (Multiple)

  • These are three bugs that I noticed while farming.

    1. The texture of the mature plant is sometimes not what it was originally planted as. For instance my entire field of camas turned out to look like ferns, wheat, camas, berries were all planted there. (Easily reproduced just plant 1 type of seed a bunch of times)

    2. Occasionally a seed will grow instantly when I am planting. Now this bug isn't terrible :P, but it is an exploit and when I'm planting I have to go back and harvest seeds that instantly grew. (I noticed this is already a bug that you guys are aware of, just thought would add it in my collection :D)

    3. Sometimes seeds bug out and disappear but the soil reads it as if there is still a seed there. Therefore I cannot plant new seeds on this soil, nor can I harvest what was there.
      P.S. I feel as if #3 was fixed in 4.1 so as to prevent this bug from occurring again, but it didn't provide a way to renew the soil from the previous patch. (I still have bugged soil T-T).

    Edit: I just realized that #2 and #3 are bugs that you guys are already aware of. #1 is pretty much the only knew bug. Just a forewarning, my computer is pretty outdated and the GPU is kinda really bad so bug #1 may be related to my outdated hardware. Of course I'm just speculating, but if nobody else runs into this bug then that's probably the case.

  • I haven't had a problem with 1 or 2. 3 on the other hand I have noticed happens when I plant things too fast. I just leave it be and it shows up eventually. Never have had an issue with the tile being completely bugged. What have you tried to clear it out?

  • I'll try doing a large scale test of #1, but so far I haven't gotten it to reproduce.

    EDIT: I planted roughly 2000 huckleberries by hand and they produced only huckleberries. So far I cannot get this to reproduce. I may try other things but for now I'll just keep it in mind as I attempt to fix other bugs.

    Seeds growing instantly is now fixed and should be in the next bug fix.

  • I've had 1 happen to me as well. May have been due to a server crash and then reboot, after the reboot all seeds are grown, but some are skinned differently.

  • Craig. Could it be that 2 object had the same place? Might not reproduce it with just planting them unless you try to plant then over another plant ?

  • I did attempt multiple plantings of different plants, but I'll test further tomorrow.

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