Stuck in eternal walk mode

  • I finally got around to download Eco - 0.4.1. I joined the official EU server. When I joined the game my character is stuck in eternal walk-mode. Any idea what causes that? I'm not able to figure out how to stop.

    Windows 10, 64bit.

  • just walking forwad and cant stop ? having a joystick that might interfere maybe?

  • Yea, the character is stuck in constantly walking forward. I can jump and got left/right - but it's always walking.

    I don't have a joystick connected, so I don't understand what's causing it.

  • ahh you already created an issue for this nice ! =)

  • Yea, I haven't visited this site since the launch of the Kickstarter - learning my ways around the project.

  • /unstuck in the chat wont work?

  • @TheLord said:

    /unstuck in the chat wont work?

    I don't know - I had not heard of that command. Is that suppose to address character that keeps walking? Or is it for addressing characters stuck in geometry and cannot move?

  • its for characters stuck in one spot

  • I'm still experiencing this. I filed an issue here:
    But no luck there either.

    Anyone got any ideas? It makes me completely unable to play the game. :(

  • i increased the priority on this issue .. but i suspect that yo have an external device causing it still or driver.

  • I have this happen when my ddr pad is plugged in, are you sure there arent any phantom game devices installed perchance?

  • I have a Logitech Webcam, Space Mouse, Wireless keyboard and Wireless mouse connected. I removed all but the mouse and keyboard but the issue still persisted. (And no other application or game exhibit this behaviour.)

    I had some temporary luck with changing the keyboard controls - assigning to random keys, then back again - before launching the game. For it didn't last for long.

    Is there a way to trace where the character's movement is getting its input from?

  • Feedback from Unity Support:


    Thank you for submitting a bug to Unity.

    The bug has been reproduced and our developers have put it on our roadmap for a partial system rewrite. We can't say when this will be ready for release, so we have resolved this bug as postponed.

    If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

    QA Team

  • Yup have this issue here as well. I have tons of devices like throttle, joystick, xboxone controller, pedels and probably a few other devices. Unplugging ALL of them doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm not excited to uninstall all the driver hardware for them just to get this fixed so...

    I do recommend a way to just clear out ALL key binds. This may fix the issue and not require a Unity patch.

    Hope there is a quick remedy to this.



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