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  • main(520x102).jpg

    Pingperfect are offering Eco Global Survival game servers. Servers start at just £7.50 | $10.73 | €9.68 for 2GB ram and UNLIMITED slots (more ram is available for larger worlds)
    As one of the first server hosts to host Eco (just prior to Alpha 3 launching) we have the most knowledge to help you with your server.

    Pingperfect gameserver features

    • No compromise customer support. We regularly go above and beyond for our customers and it shows
    • Instant Setup
    • Full root/FTP access available
    • Update your server at the click of a button
    • One click server controls (Start/Stop/Restart)
    • Daily files backup to keep your server safe
    • SSD/CPU priority upgrades
    • Scheduled task builder to create restart schedules
    • world reset button
    • Staging version Support
    • Mod support

    Click here to order your server now!

  • KillserverBanner.jpg

    Killservers has been providing Eco Servers since Alpha 3 and has a in-depth knowledge of hosting and managing Eco Server as well as providing customized configurations for the server owner to easily understand the settings they are choosing. Our standard servers for Eco is a server that will allow you to have a world up to 200X200 without needing to ask for extra RAM. We don't sell by slots as Eco Server is not set up to have slots equal RAM like with some other games. With Eco you can have 2 players or 100 players and that will not increase your RAM needs - how big a world you make will increase your RAM needs. The more players the more CPU and each server has the necessary CPU for 100 players. We provide you enough RAM to host as many as you like join you on the world size of your choice.

    We have a video here on how to use our servers and you can get a look at how our game panel works: This also demonstrates the custom Configuration Editor you have to the server which give access to every configuration option for the server, some hosts limit but we provide full access but through the custom editor the setting is explained and you do not have to directly edit the json file]

    We have several public servers online, including ones for Bleeding Edge testing of new code, - two are in the UK and several are in the US! See what our servers are like. If you currently have a world on your home computer or in another space and would like that world to come with you we can facilitate the world move.

    As of December 15, 2019 the cost for a Killservers Eco Server is dropping to $15.00 USD monthly for unlimited slots, starting at 100 slots and for all the resources needed as well as any increases needed and you get all you need for a full Eco Server with a large world without having to come back and purchase more resources We do not offer servers with less than what you need to run your choice of world sizes up to 200X200 (Max Supported by SLG) and support unlimited players. We found that providing servers with less resources usually brought the owner back with issues of not being able to build a world size they wanted or host the numbers they wanted and then the price would go up according to what they wanted added to the server to meet their needs and soon exceeded the amount that we would charge monthly for a full server. For Eco we decided to provide servers from the start that allowed an owner to have a configurable server according to game needs.

    We also make sure that you have access to all versions of the Eco Server including the stagings and bleeding edge stagings and all viable back versions.

    Gameserver Features

    • Killservers provides ECO Servers in the US and UK
    • 8GB RAM on Standard Servers
    • Full Access to ALL Configuration Files and all Files are Up-to-Date Server owners have full access to the the complete json file from the game panel without having to use an FTP work around, being blocked from some files, or having the file overwritten so that they cannot use custom settings. The only setting they cannot change are the settings for IP and Ports although they do have access to these settings to verify that they have the right ones.
    • Custom Configuration Editor specifically for ECO that retains your settings between updates/re-installs and require no knowledge of scripting to edit. See what the game panel and configuration files look like in this video
    • Console and Log Viewer allows you to watch your world build or load
    • Full Access to Server, server files and backups. KillServers will even support the bringing of your current world from any other computer (as long as it was generated on Windows) to your Killservers server.
    • Multiple Custom Worlds allows you to load the saved world of your choice by name without moving files- Unlimited number of worlds
    • UNLIMITED PLAYERS Your world can have up to 100 concurrent players logged in at the same time but that there is never a limit as to how many unique players you can have as part of your world. In other world you can have a server monitor that shows 100/900 and that would mean that currently 100 players are actively logged in while 900 unique individuals have logged on and joined the server at some time but they may or may not be one of the 100 logged in.
    • Custom Mod Manager - one click install of Eco mods. If you do not see a mod available then ask and it will be configured in the mod manager (most Eco mods are dlls files and FTP of dll's is a security risk so the mod manager can install for you). Mod Manager Installs the mods you want in the right place and you do not have to worry about downloading or FTP management of mods
    • Modkit Access Allows you to use SLG Official Mods site to subscribe to and manage mods much like using Steam Workshop. Subscribe to mod at then enable the Modkit and add the subscription ID. The modkit will download and install the mod, update when required and mods can be enabled or disabled through the mod kit and you would not have to reinstall to get vanilla files back in game files
    • UNLIMITED DATA for Standard Servers
    • UNLIMITED BACKUPS No limit of the number of backups created/configures by the Eco server
    • AUTOMATED BACKUPS when Updating or Reinstalling
    • SCHEDULED BACKUPS and RESTARTS - Customization by Server Owner
    • Hosted on SSD for Standard Servers
    • High Affinity CPU Standard Servers
    • Instant Setups
    • Immediate access to Updates
    • Full Root/FTP Access For security reasons we cannot allow the FTP to upload dlls and .exe files, however you can download both. The mod manager installs a mod of your choice in one click so you would not need to FTP
    • Sub-Admin Access to allow shared admin access of your server account so that multiple people can have different levels of access to your server control panel. If a server owner wants others to be able to restart a server if it crashes, or perhaps wants others to be able to update the server when one is released but does not want then to do other things then sub-admin accounts can be set to just allow those options and not others
    • No Branding is required - you do not have to let people know where you have your server as we do not force your to have our brand on your server.
    • Streamer Support - sponsored servers for Streamers
    • Modding Support -sponsored testing servers for modders
    • One Click to start/stop/reset and to run world backups world/backups
    • One click World Resets
    • Multiple Daily Backups on Demand and Scheduled - backups can run when server is running
    • Console Viewer so owner can watch world creation or world loading
    • Any version rollback/update at any time
    • Staging Version Support access to "Bleeding Edge" test releases and "Staging" releases- one click install
    • Full access to all configuration files via game panel/configuration editor or by text editor for direct editing of text files
    • **Easy world transfer from your old server to your new server, whether from another service or from your home computer
    • 5 Days Money back if Not Happy with Server

    We have been providing Eco Servers for Hosting since the first server release of Eco over two years ago at the release of Alpha 3, our support team has experience with game mechanics as well as technical issues. We don't provide servers with limited amounts of resources which require you to then to upgrade and purchase more resources when you find you cannot configure the size of your world without more RAM/CPU/Storage more resources You actually get what a 4KM2 Eco world needs to run a challenging world.

    If you want to talk about a server or have more questions you can contact Pam in the ECO Discord Server or Killservers DIscord Server

    We look forward to helping you host an amazing Eco World.

  • ecobanner.JPG
    HarjuGaming.Net is happy to announce our dedicated hosting package for ECO!

    Our Level 1 Servers Include:
    2GB Server RAM
    24 / 7 Support
    Dedicated Staff
    Multiple Daily Backups
    Clay's TK MOD

    Get hosted today!

  • LOW.MS Game Servers

    LOW.MS are now providing Eco Global Survival server hosting! Starting from just £4.95/$6.20/€5.75 for 1 GB RAM (Unlimited slots).

    All Eco Global Survival servers with LOW.MS get full access to the web client!

    Also, as with all our game servers you get access to:
    Fully featured control panel
    Instant Setup
    SSD based servers
    Latest E3v5 and i7 7700k processors
    Full FTP access

    Click here to order yours today!

  • is a german based gameserver hoster and we're happy to offer ECO servers for 5,99 € / month.
    Each server comes with a minimum of 2GB dedicated ram and unlimited Slots hosted on SSD drives.
    Our core features for the ECO servers:
    all settings of the server can be adjusted within our custom webinterface
    full FTP access as well as automated and personalized backups
    servers are hosted in our own datacenter in germany
    order by prepaid or with a contract

  • Multiplayer Hosting

    We have been offering Web Hosting since 2013. To be honest we are new in Game Server Renting so it will take some time to adapt into all requirements this task will bring along the way, we trust in clients and we want to grow with you.

    The only requirement we are requesting is your feedback. What would you want to see improved changed or added . Reporting of any issues you ran into.

    Enough of talking let us show what we offer.

    Gta Network Game Server Hosting

    With every server you rent following is included​

    Game Panel
    Dedicated IP on request (2$ one time fee)
    MySQL Database for Game Server
    Free Web Hosting with 100 slots server. (Cpanel, Softaculous Apps Installer, ClouFare,
    SEO and Marketing Tools, JetBackup, Webmail.. and many more..)
    Free SSL Certificate (for your website)
    Full Control over both Website and Game Server hosting
    Game Panel Features

    Summary - Server Information - Control - Start , Stop , Restart , RCON - Backups - You can create your own Backups and Restore them anytime. - Sub-Users - Allow start/stop/restart - Reinstall server - FTP Access - Edit Settings - Install updates - Install addons - Statistics - Slots - Uptime - Resources - Settings - Everything from Server Name to Resources. (Automatically saves to config no need to manually edit server config via FTP) - Addons - Public user released resources/plugins on forum will be added here for one click install for your server. - Updates - Every new release of GTA:N will be added for easy update of your server files. - FTP - Web FTP for quick browsing and editing allowed files - Full FTP to access your server. - QuickEdit - Editing Server Config (Disabled by default it can be under Settings) - Scheduler - Start - Restart - Stop - Backup - You can automate your tasks and set them by minute, hour , day , week , month , year, at decided time to complete. - Management - Reinstall server to the default stage (All curent data will be ERASED) - Free Web Hosting Features​

    Basic CPanel Hosting
    DDOS Protection
    FREE SSL Certificate

    2 GB Monthly Disk Space - 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth - 1 Domain - 3 Sub Domains - 0 Addon Domains - 0 Parked Domains - 1 Cpanel Account - 5 Email Accounts - Unlimited Forwarders - 2 FTP Accounts - 2 MySQL Databases - 1 Gbps Uplink

    Above features of Web Hosting are default ones and they might change based on client requirements and/or deal.
    (NOTE: You must own your own domain we do not provide free domains.)



  • SS-500-CompareGameHosting2.png

    Founded in 2012, Survival Servers has been hosting and renting game servers to thousands of customers across the globe. Our network serves world-wide locations on high performance hardware powered by our custom in-house control panel.

    These are our key tenets:

    • Custom Control Panel - built specifically for Eco
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • DDoS Protection in All Locations
    • World-wide Network
    • Instant Setup
    • Full Mod Support
    • Low pricing

    Use this link for up to 56% off our normal pricing:

  • Banner.png
    Nitrado is an International game server provider with over 15 years in the business. We have a dedicated development team who are always working towards integrating great features in our interfaces and doing our best to contribute to the long-term success of Eco.

    • Fully customized control panels
    • Instant Setup
    • 24/7 support in 9 languages
    • 7 Locations Across the globe to choose from
    • Unlimited RAM and Data
    • Multiple Daily Backups
    • Full FTP Access

    Get your ECO server here!

    If you have any questions, let me know! :)!

  • forumsharer.png provides quality servers and truly top-notch 24/7 fast support for 10 years!

    • True 24/7 fast support
    • Easy control panel
    • 17 Worldwide locations
    • Instant setup
    • Full file access
    • Full mod compatibility
    • Scheduled Automatic restarts
    • Scheduled Automatic updates
    • All versions compatibility
    • Many more

    Get your ECO server here with 20% off the first month, with the promotional discount exclusive for ECO forums using the ECO20 code at checkout.

  • kingcolor2-smallest.png

    The Server Kings

    • Instant Setup
    • Unlimited Memory (RAM)
    • Unlimited Slots (Players)
    • 24/7 Dedicated Service
    • Full File Access
    • Server Panel
    • Web Console
    • DDOS Protection
    • Servers Located In the Heart of America.

    No more paying extra for upgrades!

    The Server Kings

  • 530x68_sasquatchservers.jpg
    We are new to ECO but have really enjoyed the game thus far and have decided it's a good world for a Sasquatch!

    Our current servers start @ $5.00 per GB per month. Our smallest servers are 2GB for $10. For larger worlds, we can accommodate up to 8GB. All have unlimited players and you can max out whatever the RAM can support. Servers only located in the US at the time of this posting.

    ECO Game Server Features:

    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • All SSD Servers
    • DDoS Protection Included
    • Instant Game Server Setup
    • FTP Access
    • No Branding
    • Mod Support
    • Schedule your own Restarts
    • Reset your World in 1 Click
    • Multiple Daily Off-site Backups
    • Access to All Configurable Options via our Control Panel

    Rent your ECO Game Server Now!

  • PromoGamhosting.jpg ECO servers gives gamers a choice! A choice for a better hosting, lower pings and a better gaming experience. Our servers are located in [EU]Paris, [NA]Montreal and [NA]Dallas.

    Our ECO servers plans pricing are :
    Annually (12 months) = $10.20 / month
    Semi-Annually (6 months) = $10.80 / month
    Quarterly (3 months) = $11.40 / month
    Monthly (1 month) = $12.00 / month

    ECO game servers features :

    • Fast & Friendly Support
    • Unlimited Bandwith
    • Unlimited RAM
    • Unlimited Slots
    • Mods and DLC Support
    • TCAdmin Control Panel
    • DDoS Protection
    • Instant Setup
    • SSD Servers

    Get your ECO server today at and use ECO20PROMO promo code to get 20% off on your order.

  • img-01.png
    We deliver gaming servers for a great price. Our servers are located in [EU] France | Paris.

    Why choose Experityhosting?

    • Unlimited Slots
    • DDoS Protection
    • SSD Servers
    • 3.2Ghz Xeon CPU's
    • Instant Setup
    • Fast & Free support (No extra cost, Support is always included as part of the service)
    • Our servers start at €2,00/GB per month.
    • SpaceCP (No more outdated panel's like TCADMIN everything is 1 click startup ready)

    NEW Discord Support!

    What are you waiting for! Visit our website:

    Gaming on a budget was never more fun!

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  • logo

    From the founders of - a new and fresh hosting service called

    Dear Community,

    after months of development we're more than happy to announce the release of our newest project called ECO Server Host.
    Since the launch of Eco Mods back in January 2018, we've met many people who weren't satisfied with their current server hosts due to the lack of features or the expensive prices for basically nothing but a standard server in return. That's what we're trying to defeat with our own hosting service for ECO.


    • Exclusive Mod Installer - Install all available mods on with just a single click.
    • Fast Bandwith - Gaming without any interruptions thanks to our fast Bandwith.
    • Multiplayer Ready - Excellent servers for hosting huge game-servers for a lot of players.
    • Fast Hardware - Instant setup, quick installs and rapid restarts thanks to our fast hardware.
    • Easy Backups - Easily create backups using our web interface.
    • Web Interface - Easily control and manage your server through our web interface.

    All of this starting from 9.99€ per Month!

    We're happy to announce that ECO Server Host is the first and only hosting service for ECO that offers an official mod-installer from! With our exclusive and official bridge between our game-servers and you’ll be able to install any mod that is available with just a click. No need for us to download mods manually and add them to your server by hand.

    Click here to visit our website.

    Click here to join our Discord.

  • Cubes Hosting Logo Light

    From the creators of Experityhosting!
    We deliver gaming servers for a great price. Our servers are located in [EU] Germany | Falkenstein.

    Why choose Cubes Hosting?

    • Unlimited Slots
    • list item DDoS Protection
    • SSD Servers
    • 3.2Ghz Xeon CPU's
    • Instant Setup
    • Fast & Free support (No extra cost, Support is always included as part of the service)
    • Our servers start at €1,75/GB per month.
    • Live chat support + Discord tickets

    What are you waiting for! Visit our website:

    Gaming on a budget was never more fun!

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