Some Bugs on alpha 4.1

    • The Dirt and Stone Ramps from the Wainwright Table cant be re picked, destroyed or changed after placing it

    • Placed Ramps shows the false Road efficiency??

    Road efficency.jpg

    woodcart drives slow.jpg

    • Can`t pick up the Wooden Cart and pack it back in my backpack (or i don't know how:)

    • and yes i know high CPU and GPU usage please more option to change some graphics effects

    • Wainwright Table the crafting timer don't shows in "Real time"

    • After a While on a Server the game Client slows down (Shovel and dirt test, first times 1-2 second to place and take it after 15min or so this test goes longer 5-8 seconds)

    if we find some more i post it there and by the way very good work i love the game :)

  • could you explain the issue a bit more ? =)

  • overhaul :)

  • @TheLord said:

    ed Ramps shows the false Road efficiency??

    false road efficiency is a know one with road ramps. also would more like to have 1 bug post for each bug with the above template =)

  • if you had that all in your bug tracker delete it if you want :)

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