Can't collect wood logs!

  • Hi there,

    so far, I am enjoying Alpha 4, but there is a huge problem for me. After I cut down a tree, it falls to the ground. If I want to cut it further and collect the logs, it only works sometimes. Depending on how big the cut sizes are, I am not able to collect the logs anymore. Since logging requires a huge amount of calories now, this is something that is really annoying.

    Is it a bug? I tried to search for this problem but did not find anything.

    Please help.

  • The only thing I could say is cut the logs into smaller pieces so that the outline is no longer yellow, instead it will be green. Then press 'e' to pick the logs up into your "Carrying" slot. If you're too low on calories to do any of this I suggest: asking around for food, going into the forest to find berries, use a scythe to harvest wheat and/or camas bulbs. I hope this helps, good luck!

  • Dont forget to remove all branches first or you cant cut it into pices

  • Thank you guys! I recognized I was using the right mouse button all the time to pick it up. With 'e' it really works. :)

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