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  • So am I doing something wrong, I can only carry one log...

    How do you build stuff if you can only carry one log at a time and it stays in your "Carrying slot"

    Is there something I am doing wrong here

  • nope .. cant carry more than one log at a time =) , cant carry a whole tree in real life ether =P . also that is the reason why vehicles are nice to have ;)

  • Ok what about hunting?

    I cannot seem to figure this out I tried holding the bow no luck i pick up arrows but cant do anything

    some of this stuff doesnt make sense yet

  • Sorry but you dont understand that every item have a Wight and your backpack can carry not everything.

    But in your hands you can carry heavy bulky things, with some training and the right skills (need to learn with XP). I can carry 5 Wood on start some practices needed (now 8 with some learned skills).

    Skills are in the left corner of you screen the blue number klick it.
    Hope it helps :)

  • Also, check out the wiki for a beginners guide:

  • So I do understand that things have weight but there is no way showing you what your current capacity is and I have also checked out the wiki and it does not have anything there answering my question. I do appreciate the links though ..........

  • yea all systems are still work in progress and not done yet. not sure but i think the weight system is still work in progress

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