Input lag

  • I'm seeing about 150ms of input lag (a wild guess) for all mouse input. I can still play the game, but it creates discomfort and I know it is going to rub my potential Eco recruits the wrong way. Other info:

    • Eco Global Survival Alpha 4
    • I did notice this on the one previous alpha I tried (I forget which one).
    • All other games on this PC are fine.
    • Core i7 4790, xfx 7870, Windows 10
    • Happens at full screen 2560x1440 and lower res windowed modes.
    • This happens when playing on my local server or on the Eco debug server.

    Sudden thought: does this game have aggressive mouse smoothing?

  • yea i believe it has mouse smoothing, and i guess its whats you feeling as lag. Its way better than it was before but i create a new issue for this

  • I should add that the frame rate isn't the greatest when I play at 2560x1440. This typically doesn't bother me, but I think this greatly amplifies the discomfort of smoothing lag. Given the choice, I would disable smoothing entirely.

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