Alpha 4 feedback thread

  • Write your feedback here on what you think about alpha 4. Please dont put up bug reports here and just generaly what you think about alpha 4

  • As of right now I think Alpha 4 is a great milestone for Eco. I can't really say as to what I want to see improved quite yet for I have just started my experience. Though I would like to see a form of government that can be established early on. I feel as if the biggest downfall in a world is the lack of order and communication in the community, so I would like to see early government be a thing (hopefully it's already a thing for mid-late game). Other than that I will continue playing and update this as I think of new ideas! :D

  • I encountered a bug where no servers show up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, fiddled and toyed with every button, and still cannot play. I was playing fine yesterday - but today has been shite because of this bug :(

  • Alpha 4 makes Craig.jong look really tall.


  • Some feedback for 4.1: May the view distance slider be adjusted to have a wider range? I'm not seeing mountains as far as I used to. Could be a little lower too for lower end pc's.

  • I'm liking all the new things and the system more fleshed out. Great job!

    One tiny complaint. Jumping is terrible. Trying to go up on anything with less than two or three spaces before the next jump means almost having to stop completely to avoid sticking to the next level. Then if you do get hung up you have to just stop completely and jump straight up without moving to avoid sticking again. I don't remember this being an issue in previous versions although I understand that in the first ones it was too easy to just climb walls (although I kind of enjoyed it) ;).

    Also, I'm not sure if it's already in the game or not but there really needs to be an option to turn objects like ramps/workstations. If the ramp will only turn one way building major road ways in more than one direction will prove tricky. Or you'll become a professional tunnel digger. :D

  • First impression : you are going the good way with Eco !
    Of course many things have to evolve :
    +1 to turn ramps, workbenches when you place it.
    Why can't I just give an object to someone in front of me ? Maybe I "use" the person with E and an exchange window will open.
    See you later for more.

  • @egrof. cant you turn workebnches with q an e?

  • Yes it works with Q and E. Is there a documentation ? In the controls remaping I can only see basic commands.

  • might be in the quick starter guide .. or did i forgetr it :S ?? need to check .. working currently to update the wiki. just got admin rights to edit stuff there

  • damit ! yepp forgot Q an E in my tutorial ok need to add this in to my to do list XD

  • This post is deleted!

  • Done ;)

  • I am loving the new update. The improvement of having too get rid of stuff off shove and moving is wonderful and very life like as well. Though with carrying the stuff it does get in way of view. I understand later game we got the Wooden cart for transport that seems quite bugged as of now being alpha.. Maybe add like a wheel barrel or something smaller for earlier game. Or a chest that does not have too be placed in a room so you can clear cave rooms instead of everything out of wood?? Basicly you'd end up making Wood pillars to fortify cave type look..

    Also I don't know if this is something in the works, but noticed the carcasses from animal not vanishing after death. Even after a few days do you know if it is being added to skin the animals for leather and such more more meat?

  • Having to craft ramps at a workbench is, well, silly. How about this for in-situ ramp building: At the ramp site form a crude block ramp consisting of 2 adjacent 2x2 block road sections that differ in elevation by 1 (a "road stair"). Next, right click the formation with the tamper, and poof... it turns into a ramp. Messed up? Right click again to turn it back into flat road blocks that you can adjust.

  • The main need I think : Communication.

    • We should easily see who is online.
    • send messages to offline players.
    • An ingame forum for the server would be nice, maybe next the voting page.

    Tell me what you think.

  • Egrof: /players will show you who is online on your server.
    Chat client is being implemented even from the web to server (in the works).
    Ingame forum, would be nice, but I didn't see a plan for that yet.

  • Great feedback, thanks all
    Re chat: you can send direct messages with '@playername message' which they'll receive on login. Sounds like we just need to present options better in chat. Also can make new channels with #channelname.
    Agree on jumping, needs work.

  • Thank you. Yes the wiki needs an update.

    Will there be an alpha 4.2 ?
    I think you should fix bugs so we could continue to test it. Even if the game is not finished a lot of mechanics are there and need polish.

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