Eco Alpha 4 : Economy Release, launching June 28th

  • I’m pleased to announce Eco Alpha 4 : Economy Release, launching June 28th! We’ve made a ton of progress since Alpha 3 and can’t wait to share it. This release focuses on developing the player-run economy and government.

    Check out how food and skills are connected in Eco in the first of a series of videos showing our new features:

    We’ve added tons of new features, building out the collaborative aspects of the game, including features:

    • Vehicles

    • Power system

    • Spherical minimap

    • New art style

    • Logging system

    • New building system

    • New food system

    • New property system

    • Elections

    • Taxes

    • Server browser

    • Lots more

    You can see our graphic progress in this screenshot comparison from our Kickstarter build.

    Eco Alpha 4 releases June 28th, and you can buy it and get all future updates (including a Steam when we launch there) from our website at

    Join us early in development and help shape the direction of the game, we’re planning to refind this game continuously with player feedback, and dev-tier supporters get access to source code.

    After Alpha 4: Economy Release will be Alpha 5: Ecosystem Release, followed by Beta, then Steam Early Access. Throughout, we intend to build Eco into an entirely different kind of video game, focused on a dynamic social and simulated world that lives or dies based on the actions of the group, where scientific inquiry, politics, and a robust economy determine the success of the world. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

    -John K

  • Coooooooool i hope the Deeres don't die so fast from alone on the Alpha 4 :D

  • That mini map looks nice. The world looks a little small though to need vehicles?

  • You need vehicles to move resources

    Gets big pretty quick when you have to manually ferry all of your stuff by hand

    but yea, it would be nice for it to be bigger too

  • GET yourselves ready, here it comes

  • I was very happy today when I realised that it was 1 day till the Alpha 4 release. Sadly I will be at work in the morning but as soon as I get home I will be updating and having a go !!!

  • It's 10:20 AM EST and I still can only download Alpha 3. Is anyone else facing this problem that they can't download Alpha 4? Is there a delay in the release? Please let us know, I'm looking forward to playing Alpha 4!!

  • @BritishNomad On facebook they said it would be "Probably late in the day PST" so could be a little while longer

  • @Zenita Ohhhhhh, okay. Thank you!

  • not gonna get to play now :( 2150hrs here so off to bed soon :( sooo wanted to play the Alpha 4....gonna have to wait till sunday now :(

  • Same here, 22:14 and I have work in the morning :(

  • Still doing final stuff =) u suspect alpha 4 release in around 1-4 hours from now. or later if they want to do some more last minute bug fixing .. though expect bugs since loots of stuff has changed !

  • its 11;35 PM :( is alpha 4 not out yet? whats going on?

  • @Hobz They are 3 hours behind for PST, so I'm giving them until 2.59 am EST

  • I hope i don't fall asleep in my chair

  • I believe in you strangeloopgames, you can release Alpha 4 today!! I'll be waiting to enjoy everything you all have created! ^-^

  • Strangeloopgames, you did it! let us rejoice with sleep and joy that the next day will be filled with the beauty of eco in all of its Alpha 4 glory!! :D With that, I bid everyone a good night...I'm tired (It's 2:24 am over here) cya (^o^)/

  • Yes! you understand all that is Alpha 4.
    I shall rejoice.

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