Framerate/Game using 100% CPU

  • Hello,

    I'm having an issue with framerate in some areas of the game. Unfortunately I am unable to display framerate within the app, so i'm only able to provide estimates.

    Inside housing I get 60 (or max framerate). As soon as I step out it plummets to probably 10-15 fps. Which is playable, sure, but I have friends who are not having issues. I've compared tech specs with them, and didn't see any hardware issue that I know of. (Like if AMD or Intel would cause the issue, for processors.) I've lowered the settings to fastest, and the game is still a little choppy, but better than 10-15fps. I totally understand that it's still early in development, and I was just wondering if there was anything I could do on my end.

    Here are my specs:
    Windows 10 - 64 bit.
    AMD FX 8320 Eight Core Processor - 3.76 GHz
    Nvida Geforce 760 4GB Vram
    20GB DDR3 G-skill RAM

    EDIT: Changed title to fit issue.
    EDIT: Upon playing, I've noticed that the game is putting 100% usage in the task manager for my CPU.
    CPU Performance.JPG

    If you require anymore information please let me know, and I'll happily provide it. Thank you in advance for any input.

  • Hey Steve!
    What game version are you using? Alpha 3 should have a stale cpu usage normally, Please keep in mind that Eco is not yet optimized for performance since its still in a very early alpha stage and therefor high cpu and gpu demands are not very uncommon. Though alpha 3 should have a balanced cpu and gpu usage.

  • Yeah, I understand that it's in early Alpha, which I've included in the OP :) - I'm currently using the Alpha 3 version, which is yielding the CPU usage you see above.

  • Also, thank you for replying.

  • I've noticed extremely high CPU usage like this for Alpha 3, also. Could it be that Eco wasn't making use of my GPU, or is it just poor optimization? This gets addressed in Alpha 4, right?

  • I'm hoping it will get addressed in Alpha 4, because as it stands I'm unable to play. Although, friends of mine who have lower-end CPUs (and GPUS) are able to play this on the highest setting without issue. Hope to see this fixed in the upcoming Alpha 4.

  • @SteveTheNord what you mean with lower end cpu's ? like older once or do you think like they have a core i5 with 2.5 ghz ? The thing is that cores and clock speed do not reflect the actual speed. Like a core i5 can with ease outperform a amd 8 core that has higher clock speed.

    here is an example of it . slightly lower clock speed and only 4 cores against your 8 core cpu

    the intel cpu is massively outperforming the amd cpu .

  • @NoBlackThunder, lol I completely understand how an intel CPU performs better than an AMD, and that cores don't really mean anything.

    My point is that I have an AMD FX 8320 eight core, and a friend of mine has an AMD FX 6300 six core, and that friend of mine has better performance in-game than I do. An AMD 8320 > AMD 6300.

    He's running the game at a constant FPS, and his CPU usage doesn't go over roughly 50-60%, where as you can plainly see in my screenshot mine is sitting close to 100%.

  • ok good to know .. forwarded this topic here to the devs . so they need to look at it

  • @NoBlackThunder thank you!

  • This is most likely caused by the game utilizing only so many cores, meaning that a 8320 would not receive a benefit of having more cores than the 6300. For example on the source engine they best run on 4 cores and which makes a 6100 and an 8350 have similar performance, I can further an investigation of this to help the devs out if you guys want

  • Another solution may be your BIOS version. If your friend is running a more updated version of his MoBo BIOS it may be having an effect on CPU performance overall. Now this may not be the problem and some PC users find updating a BIOS to be a little on the risky side considering if you do mess it up, it can indeed brick your MoBo. An easier solution i find to be the cause of very low frame rates quite often is your GPU or graphics card drivers. I don't understand why, when a newer version of GPU drivers is released for a specific graphics card, your frame rates usually drop in allot of the games that were running just fine the day before other than the possibility of drivers manufacturers releasing said drivers the same day or a couple days after a major update to popular games or OS updates. It doesn't sound like that's the problem but it never hurts to check for an updated driver. One last thing I can think of that may be causing this is overheating. You won't notice something like that right away and task manager simply can't tell you, but if you are indeed overheating and your CPU is thermal throttling, it will affect performance tremendously giving a 6 core piledriver CPU a huge advantage over an 8-core. In the end, looking at the graph, the pattern of utilization tells a somewhat different story tho. The short peaks of 90+% utilization with frequent drops to 25-30% tell me there may indeed a problem with your MoBo BIOS not being the latest version. Next time you boot your PC, hop in the BIOS and check the version and compare that to the latest version from your MoBo manufacturers website. On the bright side though, it's probably not a GPU problem considering 1080p gaming places more load on the CPU rather than the GPU which I find ironic since 4k gaming places almost all of the load on the GPU letting you hit 60FPS with a rather low end CPU and high end GPU whereas 1080p you will need a stronger CPU to keep the same 60FPS.

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