Specs for running server?

  • Hi, I was just wondering what specs I would need for running a server. I am looking and getting a VPS but would like to know what kind of specs I would need before splashing out on unneeded resources.
    I only plan to have about 4-5 players max as I will be using it for a Youtube series so will only be a few of us online who are part of the project.

    Many Thanks,
    Mike / TheHatGuy

  • i recommend a machine with a dual core with 2.5 ghz or more on the lowest point and around 3-4 GB available ram ( beside from what windows uses)

    the best solution would be a 4 core core i7 with 12 or more GB ram

  • Thanks very much for the informative reply. Are there any gameserver hosting websites that actually support ECO at the moment? I did see another post about someone adding it to theirs but they still don't have it yet.

  • there are no i know off, that is because eco is still in a very early stage.

  • Thanks, I guess I'll have to keep my eye out if any of them pop up :)

  • We should have servers available soon so long as testing goes smoothly.

  • There are hosts who are preparing to support ECO servers, but they are waiting for the alpha 4 release :/

    with the server browser I've been hearing will come with alpha 4, and hosts starting to support the game... alpha 4 should be a great release :D :P

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