cant get server to start

  • I have
    -got no errors when it was loading
    -using the right ip
    -give it 10mins to load and still no luck

  • Could you please tell me more about how its setup and how you connect to it ?

    is it on the same local network or machine ?
    what does the client says if you try to connect . what are the last console entry's when you try to connect ? any messages there that indicate you tried to connect?

  • sorry, on my pc local and it tells me connect failed

  • are you using localhost? dont need to forward or open ports if its just your local pc .. but as an address you should use localhost or that loops back to you

  • Sorry, I mean I did local and it work fine, me and my friend are trying to play together which he lives away from me. I ported everything that the tut told me too but it was not in detail and I think I may have had something missing or did not do something right.

    Here is the steps I did,
    I ported all 3 of them and made sure they where right too.
    I downloaded the program to run the server
    let it though firewall
    I made the world

    Here is what it shows after giving a while to do its thing

  • i am not sure i am getting you still right ...

    so please answer these steps for me: ( if they apply in that order)

    1. you hosting in localy on your computer ( same machine you play on) ?
      1a. if yes. can you connect via localhost your self from the same computer?
    2. what tutorial did you follow ? my?

    3 how did you forward your ports ?
    (both udp and tcp ? )
    3.a you are sure its the correct local ip (local and external ip's are different things)

    4 you opent both udp and tcp ports for all 3 ports ? ( ref

    5 your friends connect to the right ip address ( your global ip can be found here )

    1. what ip do you use to connect to ? ( you can send this in a pm if you dont wish to share that public)

  • Hey @dankfishy have you managed to resolve your issue =) ?

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