[Off-line until 4.0][Dedicated Server] ECO Europe - 24/7 - Alpha 3.0

  • I am a humble newbie but I'm interested in what the game has to offer. I'm tired of playing in servers which go offline exactly when I want to play, so I decided to provide the community with a server that I trust will be online, because I myself take care of it. In case the servers goes down (machines are weird), please, contact me via PM and I'll make sure it's back online asap.

    Everyone is welcome, except trolls. If you want to play with nice people and try to build nice cities, feel free to play on ECO Europe!

    Server is located in Germany. Server address: ecoeurope.servegame.com

    In case you are interested in playing with me, leave the following info below so that we can meet in-game or just chat while play. Also, for other people to know where players come from and age.

    User name: Th3B0Y
    Age: 28
    Country: Germany (I'm Brazilian, but live in Germany)

    Most people play in the server without leaving notice here. If you want to play there, a tip is to use the existing infrastructure to build your things. I have a little town in coordinate (336,43,312)

  • @Th3B0Y said:


    Going to log in and give it a go.

    Kobalt, 29, 'Merica here!

  • I decided to show the server down, since version 3.0 has bugs that basically stop you from playing. Hunting is impossible, for example. I will have a server up as soon as it's playable.