No Servers... :(

  • Finally got to play the game today since buying it a few months ago.

    Can we please ask the devs to look at hosting a few Servers somewhere as its impossible to play at the moment.
    Amazing concept but without gameplay...

    Most impressed so far.

  • did already host one ;)

  • Big thanks, I joined but lagged out after about 5 mins.
    Some very impressive sets of buildings in there, looks great.

    Is the server still populated and used frequently?

  • lag? ohh you sure ? thats not possible .. its on a pretty power full Server. from what i can see there are 2-3 frequent users on it. what country do you life in ? the server is based in Scandinavia not in the us .. might be network delay ? though the game should handle that ok.

  • I live in Australia, so the lag is REAL :)

    Whats interesting is at the start, when I first join, its playable and stable.
    However, when I go near player areas and buildings after a few minutes it begins to get slower and slower, becomes a cumulative lag, ie I start to freeze for longer and longer periods.
    From a dev point, I think this is interesting as I can clearly walk around these areas at the start, but after 10 is unplayable and crashes.

    Really like the town setups you have so far, long term super keen to see how this game promotes teamwork.
    Might try again today.

  • ahh i asked Erik one of the devs. they are already looking in to it actually =)

  • Seems to be the only server that is available at the moment. Little bit disappointed there isn't more interest

  • there are at lest 2-3 other servers i know off. but yea its totally normal. we have beside the one server only community hosted servers. and with an very early alpha build that lacks most of refined system, people are not playing it currently at this time. its totally normal and expected.

  • so i final got the game to load up. using your server. but now when im in game i cant move? im able to use my mouse and click on my backpack and what not. but i cant move or turn at all?

  • push tab to switch between moving and mouse control ;)

  • Yeah, jumped on the server, the lag is just horrendous, and there don't seem to be any US based servers whatsoever. I really want to play this game too.
    But, the fact that doing single player is complicated, heck, I have no idea how to set up a server.

  • There are some guides on here about how to run a server from your own machine. Its as easy as downloading the server files and running the program, then just use as the server IP :)

  • if you could send a direct link to them, more so, I don't know where to get these "server files"

  • @formulus said:

    if you could send a direct link to them, more so, I don't know where to get these "server files"

    the server files are listed at the bottom of the downloads list for the game itself...

    they come in a zip file

    extract the zip file into a folder, then open the folder

    i don't remember the exact name... but there's a file that clearly indicates it's the server... i think it actually has "server" at the end of the name... it's a .EXE file. just open that and you're running.. it may take a while...

    once it looks like it's been set up, you can connect to it by typing localhost into the IP box of the game :)

    it should be nearly instantaneous when you connect

  • I plan to host a dedicated server once Alpha 4 is released. I'll be back in the forums if I do this.

  • @jamiemac262 looking into it right now, hopefully I can get a local game going and get the controls down so whenever some good US servers come up, I'll be in business, I've also considered looking into hosting my own server, but it's not the cheapest thing in the world, however, it's not the most expensive either.

  • @formulus I'm also in the US. I have an available dedicated server to make use of. Been trying to find a busy game to run on it. Hope to see plenty of people there!

  • ive just got this game today saddly though ive only found one world thats joinable, no one was on it but i got to mess with the controls a bit

  • Alpha 4 features a server browser, it will be a lot easier finding servers.

  • @smithdennis4 so you're putting up a server?

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