In need of a little install help

  • I'm having a little trouble getting the game to install. I've downloaded both the client and the server, extracted them to their own folders. Every time I try to run it, it fails and deletes the eco and eco server exe. Hopefully I am doing something wrong because this looks like an awesome game. Thanks in advance if you can help me out!!

  • hei. let me guess some things here, you use windows version right ? and you got an antivirus ?

    i am suspecting that your antivirus for some strange reason sees eco as a virus ( for some reason antivirus have become over sensitive in the later years ..)

    if i am not right then i need more info on what os you are running and what background services are running

  • You would be correct. Thank you very much!! Started working almost instantly.

  • happy to help =)

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