[A1] Gaming Community New Season 11/15/19

  • Server Name: [A1]
    Server Location: United States
    Server Language: English
    Server Owner: Steel
    Server Staff: Steel
    Brief description: New season beginning Friday 11/15/19. Welcome to A1! Our Eco server strives to be active, organized and friendly for all. What began as a small unofficial Ark server has since grown into a community spanning multiple game clusters and interest areas. Here at A1 we believe gaming should be a form of stress relief and enjoyment, a break from reality and a safe haven for all. We are committed to maintaining a chill gaming environment that welcomes all types of players and playstyles, and fostering a community that is anti-stress, anti-drama, and anti-bigotry.
    Password protected?: No
    Whitelist: No
    World Size: (.52km² )
    World Difficulty: Low Collaboration

    World Objective: We aim to start off each season electing world leaders, established organized government, and cooperatively working together. But, it’s Eco, so who knows what the season will bring.

  • Hey there TsenSHeng. I was wondering if you could help me given you have a server up and running with an active community playing. I need to speak to someone who knows the game really well as I am researching how people collaborate to learn in the game and how successful it is for building shared knowledge. I have 15 short questions which I could text/call or email. No right or wrong answers. Just insight. This is really important to me and I could do with some help if you are game?

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