[Resolved] Question about "Host your own world"

  • Hi community of Eco :)

    • sorry for my english, my native language is french...

    So I'm a new player and I've started to play on my own server with: 1 - 3 players with authorisation for my friends to join and 30 days before the meteorite impact. (To learn the basics of the game)

    But I have a problem for my friend who play with me: Why when I'm not connected to the game, my friend cannot continue to play? Why I must be co for him?
    Because when he tried to co when I'm at work he has a message like "Timeout Connexion"...
    Is there a solution to assign the rights connexion in the sittings please? Or an other solution?

    (I post my message here because I've searched on the Internet and on Steam Community)

    In advance: thanks a lot for reading me maybe helping me and others peoples... I hope my message is understandable :P

    I really love this game :)

    Have fun guys!

  • "Host your own world" starts a game on your computer - as soon as you stop playing, the server will shut down.
    If you want a 24/7 server you'll need to get a dedicated server or keep your PC running for the whole time.

  • @SLG-Dennis Ok thank you a lot :)

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