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  • Hi, I'm considering buying this game, but for an early access it seems rather expensive. The game seems rather dead from what I have been reading, not many people play anymore? And the people that do play are "trolls" or just toxic. I don't have much money, so I always try to get as much information as I can before I buy a game. It seems really awesome in concept, but what are the pros and cons? I really would like to enjoy this game, I know if I get it and show it to my wife and the rest of my family, I'm 100% sure we'll all play, we love survival games, especially ones where we have to work together.

  • Hey.

    Yes there are not many people playing right now, there are many factors for that , First of all because its a very ( very very very , like a prototype almost) version of the game. almost no system is done. Many things are still missing from the game, and it basically takes just one week to get to the end ( current end is meteor strike, but that end will change somewhat if i am not wrong) Meaning that there is not allot to keep playing people this for very long right now. i am sure there will be allot of people playing when alpha 4 comes out that has allot of changes.

    Yes the price is high, you help to support the development of the game and get a very early peak at it, everyone can also contribute to the game ( Dev tier backers can submit code, and others can give feedback and do even mods and other stuff that does not require source code access)

    I have only seen one report of trolls/ hackers/persons that exploits bugs, so fa. So it seems when the server are active people tend to behave and community server do a good job in handling everything and keep trolls out.

    Well that said, if you are unsure and don't have allot of money i recommend you to wait and keep an eye on this for now =). and maybe even spread the word about this game ( so you have more people to play with ;) )

    hope that helps you for now


  • another note to know is that if you end up purchasing the game for the base 40 you can get a second copy for 30 so if you find a friend you trust that buys the game for you are vise versa and one of yall can pay 30 while the other 40 or split it 35/35

  • Thank you for the input! I really appreciate it, I believe now I am going to wait until the game is a little more refined.

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