Anyone prepared to play ECO & film themselves talking through collaborative learning ( I will pay $)?

  • I'm a Peace Scholar at UNC Chapel Hill. I am studying Peace but also Education and use of games.

    I'd really like to explore how players learn through collaboration. Typically I would have to do a study by watching players play, getting them to talk aloud in terms of their interaction with game and others and then do a brief interview afterwards. I would look to watch for 15 mins - 1 hour.

    Problem is I don't have access to anyone here as I am from Australia. Ideally I'd watch a group all playing at once in one place but I am happy to do it remotely where you film yourself playing, describe what you are doing (I would give exact guidance) and then I'd do a quick chat on skype. Maximum 1.5 hour interaction including play and interview but as little as 30 mins.

    I'm in Chapel Hill so if you happen to be in the area even better.

    I could really do with your help.

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