Empirical Study of Group playing ECO (collaborative learning)

  • Hi, I am hoping to watch and interview a group playing ECO so that I can ascertain effectiveness of collaboration for learning.
    The study can involve me watching for 15-20 minutes of play and asking a few questions or
    A teacher setting up a camera to video interactions amongst students and me revising footage interviewing afterwards via skype.

    I am a peace scholar at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke Universities and I am researching the benefits of collaboration in games for learning but also want to use similar style games for exploring displacement issues and having players collaborate to find solutions on how to deal with refugees and resource constraints etc in a game environment (thats long term).

    It's really hard to find a learner group to study for this so I'd appreciate any help.

  • You might want to contact me via dennis@strangeloopgames.com directly if you want to conduct a study, we did such things before.

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