Worldender | High Collab 2KM² (EU/UK)

  • Hey you!

    Looking for a high collab server where we strave for a society worthy of living in?
    Look no further because:

    Worldender is here!

    We are a gameserver where you can enjoy ECO the way it should be played, We are server with a couple of monitoring mods, but you'll be playing the real vanilla experience.

    Our server stats are:

    • 2KM² world
    • High collaboration
    • Normal rates
    • 15 day meteor
    • 99% server uptime

    Join us on Discord to find out more!
    We even have our own Eco Discord bot
    Our Discord server!

    See you there!

  • @Necrotix -
    Hey - I am looking for some advanced players to observe in some research I am conducting about 'learning and collaboration'. I'd love to stream and watch someone play and hopefully be able to chat through what you are doing and ask a few questions. Would you be interested? This server sounds perfect if there is a lot of collaboration. Even a video of 1 hour of play would be good if I have the option to call and ask questions later......... game?

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