Cannot connect to public servers or make use of the web interface.

  • client version: beta
    OS: Windows 10
    Browser: Firefox

    Every time I try to join any public server I get:

    "Login info could not be verified. Our auth servers may be down."
    "The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error."

    Likewise when I open the web interface while in singleplayer I get "error: not logged in" if I try to do anything.

    My in-game username, steam username, and Eco website username are all the same. My password contains no symbols or special characters. I am logged into the Eco website while attempting all of this as well.

    I should also note I used a game key gifted to me by an official source. While it did allow me to redeem the key on steam, it did not allow me to redeem it on the Eco website claiming it was an invalid key. The key was gifted privately, so I would not think it a case of someone else having redeemed the same key. My steam account is linked to my Eco website account.

  • Please contact, providing your SLG account name and e-mail.

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