Is it possible to regenerate a resource that is extinct without creating a new world?

  • My world has a number of resources which are now extinct due to my over use (must be the number one mistake with all noobs LOL).

    Is it possible to regenerate a population of the following resources without having to start a new world and lose all the effort I have put in so far. (This is a private world so I am not looking to cheat anyone!).

    • Fox, Tortoise, Turkey, Rice, Wheat

  • It's not exactly possible to regenerate them, but you can spawn seeds via /give and spawn animals via /spawnanimal in different areas to repopulate to your wishes.

  • Do I just type these commands into the normal interafce or is there a "command line" that I need to invoke first? Also, Is there a list of commands and animal/plant names that need to be used pls?

  • You put them in the chat. Take a look on the wiki how they work:

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