How do i play

  • I cant seem to find any working server, i want a refund if i cant even play the game.

  • ok so i found a server, me and 1 other person were there, it was a destroyed server and there was really nothing to do with flying deer and flying tree stumps, i really want a refund now.....

  • You can play single-player until Alpha 4 comes out, at which point many more people will be setting up servers.

  • i would recomend you setting up your own server or wait for alpha 4, its normal for low popluated server at the moment since alpha 3 has been out for some month, and the game is far from finished with limited content. So people mostly play only when bigger updates come out. ... if you still want a refund you can send a request to

  • ...and besides, the money you spent is not necessarily you buying the game itself but more as supporting it to become a completed game and as a thanks you have backstage pass to it before it is completed so you can see/play their progress.

  • ok, ill wait till alpha 4, i see potential in the game but i really was hoping to see a populated server.

  • We all will, and we all do :P

    Facebook teasing is not really helping, but hey, at lest we can build up hype EVEN MORE.

    Just kidding, there is limit for how hyped can you get about unreleased update.

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